The Bamboo Belgium collection includes a wide range of basics and beautiful, wearable clothing.
 I don’t work with a seasonal collection. But with timeless designs that last a long time.


Building bridges to allow new co-creations to emerge together. Only by working together horizontally can all opportunities be exploited for a better environment and greater well-being for society.

Private Label

Bamboo Belgium is perfect for a clothing line under your own private label. From needle to thread, from design to finished garment, together we create beautiful fashion from sustainable materials.
Bamboo clothing is becoming more and more popular, not only because of its ease of maintenance or the luxurious soft feel and wearing comfort, but also because of its durable and environmentally friendly properties.
Fashion, creativity and sustainability. This combination prompted me to establish Bamboo Belgium. I design timeless clothing from sustainable bamboo, produced fairly in Europe. As a producer I distribute my collections not only in Belgium but all over Europe.

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