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Why bamboe?

A passion for fashion and sustainable business was all I needed to start my search for a durable, renewable and nice fabric to design comfortable clothing, both human- and environmentally friendly.
That is how I discovered bamboo. The fibers of bamboo create a warm, silky soft and comfortable fabric. A great pleasure to work with, so I designed a large collection of basics.
The fabric made out of bamboo fibers is of high quality and has many positive characteristics. The fact that they are highly comfortable to wear and both anti-allergic and anti-bacterial as well are only a few of them.

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  • Basics are combined with trousers, dresses and blazers so that you can dress “in layers” and combine flawlessly shades that suit your color type.
  • This dressing in layers offers a great multifunctionality, so bamboo clothing can be worn all year long.
  • Bamboo clothing feels lovely fresh in summer and cozy warm in winter or as underwear.
  • For men, the sweat-resistant effect of bamboo clothing is a very big plus point that becomes very known.
  • The success of sweat-resistant bamboo shirts soon led to the demand for pajamas.
  • Bamboo plantation is far more sustainable than cotton cultivation because bamboo grows three times a year, without chemicals and without water from irrigation.
  • Don’t worry. Pandas eat a different kind of bamboo than the one used for bamboo clothing, moreover he lives in a different type of forest.
  • Bamboo fabric has a remarkably soft touch.
  • Bamboo clothing is pleasant to wear in summer and in winter. Bamboo fibers breathe better than cotton fibers. That way bamboo clothing keeps you warm in winter and fresh in summer or during sport.
  • Because perspiration odors don’t stand a chance against bamboo clothing, our bamboo shirts are perfect as underwear (under a sweater, men’s shirts,…) and as sportswear.
  • Bamboo yarn is very thin yarn and that is why bamboo fabrics feel so soft and warm. New customers often worry that the bamboo fabrics are so ‘thin’, but experience shows that clothing made of bamboo feels warm when it should feel warm, and remains fresh and dry when the clothing piece has to absorb sweat.
  • Bamboo fibers are naturally hypo-allergen. Its anti-bacteriological characteristics ensure that bamboo clothing absorbs perspiration odors and neutralizes them for a longer period of time.
  • People suffering from skin irritations or allergic reactions to dyes in clothing can be helped with bamboo clothing (f.e. bed sheets)
  • Sweat contains a number of substances: potassium, sodium, chloride and metabolic waste like urea and lactic acid.
  • Bacteria on human skin convert sweat into isovaleric acid. These are volatile sulfur-containing compounds that develop a typical perspiration odor.
  • Bamboo clothing prevents this chemical process and slows down the formation of perspiration odors. Customers who tend to develop a little smell during the day while wearing a cotton shirt, will still feel fresh with our bamboo shirts.

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