A passion for fashion and sustainable business was all I needed to start my search for a durable, renewable and nice fabric to design comfortable clothing, both human- and environmentally friendly.

That is how I discovered bamboo. The fibers of bamboo create a warm, silky soft and comfortable fabric. A great pleasure to work with, so I designed a large collection of basics.

The fabric made out of bamboo fibers is of high quality and has many positive characteristics. The fact that they are highly comfortable to wear and both anti-allergic and anti-bacterial as well are only a few of them.

Bamboo fits the idea of sustainable business perfectly. This crop does not need anything to grow, no extra water nor pesticides and can be harvested indefinitely.

Our entire production process – from beginning until the end - is transparent and as durable as possible.

All our clothing pieces are produced in Europe. I work with manufacturers who guarantee good working conditions and fair salaries for their employees.

video label

Bamboo Belgium offers a large range of basics from underwear and pyjamas to T-shirts and dresses.

Custom made
All pieces can be adjusted as you wish. Big or small adjustments, your own logo? You name it, we can do it.

Private label
Producing a private collection or a few pieces with your own label? Bamboo Belgium will assist and guide you throughout the entire process.

All pieces and fabrics can easily be adjusted to your own style with our exclusive prints. We work with Oeko-tex certified ink.