Fashion, creativity and sustainability. This combination prompted me to establish Bamboo Belgium. I design timeless clothing from sustainable bamboo, produced fairly in Europe. As a producer I distribute my collections not only in Belgium but all over Europe.


With a passion for slow fashion in combination with sustainable entrepreneurship, I started a search for a sustainable, renewable and pleasant raw material for comfortable clothing that is good for people, animals and the environment.

That’s how I discovered bamboo. The fibers of bamboo are made into a pleasant, wonderfully soft and comfortable fabric. I could enjoy myself with that fabric and started designing a collection of timeless basics.

Sustainability is an important factor in my life. I also insisted that not only the raw material of my collection but also the entire production process and my entrepreneurship complied with this

Bamboo Belgium samenwerking

It was an intensive but instructive quest to find the right people who, like me, want to “work together” on a greener, better world.

With Bamboo Belgium I am 100% committed to helping the world in which we live. I take the wellbeing of everyone who works on my collection very seriously. My entire production process is transparent from start to finish and as sustainable as possible.

Only the bamboo pulp is purchased in China. From spinning to weaving, dyeing and stitching, all this takes place within a radius of 80 km within Portugal.

I am always looking for partners who, just like me, work according to the same values ​​and standards.

My focus is on designing beautiful clothing that can be worn for a long time.

The collection is not seasonal or trend-driven, but versatile, classically stylish and timeless. My designs fit perfectly in everyone’s wardrobe. But sustainability is central to everything I do.

My collection finds its way to sustainable stores not only in Belgium but throughout Europe.

Where I started with an idea, it has since grown into a mission. Introducing the world to my sustainable story, slow fashion from bamboo.


I continue to believe in a world where everyone is equal.

Every person, wherever in the world, deserves a living wage that can cover the costs of food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care for a family. That is why I only work with partners who pay their employees a living wage.